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Thus Spoke a Brick

Thus Spoke a BrickThus Spoke a Brick

The ancient bricks of Susa, discovered during French archaeological mission (1930-1931), are inscribed in Sumerian, Akkadian, Elamite, and ancient Persian languages.

Over 200 divinities were honored and invoked in Susiana and on the Persian Plateau during Elamite era.

According to linguist Abdolmajid Arfaee who has been deciphering the brick inscriptions since early June, people of Elamite era built each deity a temple and consecrated it to ensure their own longevity.

A brick inscription from Kiririsha temple is translated in the following paragraph. The consecrator is of Shutrukid dynasty, started with King Shutruk Nahhunte, famed for his invasion of Babylonia in the 12th century BC. The brick reads:

I, Shilhak-InShuShinak, son of Shutruk-Nahhunte, beloved servant of Kiririsha and Inshushinak, king of Anzan and Susa: Humban-Numena has built the temple of Kiririsha-of-Liyan (ancient Bushehr) with fired bricks, and when it was about to collapse, I restored it. With fired brick(s) I rebuilt. And for the sake of my life and those of Nahhunte-Utu, Huteludush-Inshushinak, Shilhina-hamru-Lakamar, Kutir-huban, Ishnikarab-huhun, Urutuk-el-halahume and Utu-ehihi-Pinigir, for this purpose and for our continuity I bestowed it upon my deity Kiririsha.