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Kish Hotels Enjoy High Occupancy

Kish is a popular destination in the Persian Gulf.Kish is a popular destination in the Persian Gulf.

Hotels on Kish Island enjoyed a prosperous week, with the average occupancy rate hitting 90% thanks to two holidays leading to the weekend (Dec. 2).

Speaking to IRNA, Masihollah Safa, the head of Kish Hoteliers' Society, said some hotels were fully booked.

"We had a 100% occupancy rate in some hotels," he said.

Kish is a popular destination in the Persian Gulf, drawing both foreign and domestic tourists in large numbers year-round. The island's economy is heavily reliant on tourism.

Safa said several airlines hiked the rates for their Tehran-Kish routes last week, with return tickets going as high as 7.6 million rials ($192), more than three times the average rate for the route.

"However, Kish Air, which is operated by Kish Free Zone Organization, kept its prices unchanged at 2.3 million rials ($60)," he said.

Safa attributes the sharp increase to the long holiday during the last week.

He explained that measures taken by KFZO to control spikes in airfares following their deregulation last year has helped keep Kish Air's prices competitive.

"The tickets of certain airlines, especially Kish Air, have been sold to charter airlines at up to 20% below the actual price so as to prevent a rise at peak travel times," he said.

Safa noted that the recent hike is caused by independent vacationers (those who travel on their own and not as part of an organized tour).

"These vacationers travel to the island without prior planning and reside in private houses or vacation rentals, thereby increasing demand for tickets," he said.

Mohammad Moheb Khodaei, the tourism deputy at KFZO, said charter airlines that sell Kish Air tickets "are not allowed to increase their prices, otherwise they will face legal action."


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