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Dust Storms in Hormozgan Disrupt Flights

Dust Storms in Hormozgan Disrupt FlightsDust Storms in Hormozgan Disrupt Flights

Poor weather conditions, including dust storms, in Hormozgan Province have disrupted flights to and from Bandar Abbas International Airport since Monday.

Most flights have been cancelled or landed in Shiraz Airport in Fars Province until air conditions improve.  

Airport officials have urged passengers to check their flight information through the airport's website or helpline before leaving for the airport.

"Passengers can ask for a refund at the travel agent's where they have purchased their tickets or by calling the support number in case of online bookings," Hossein Paslar, a senior official at Bandar Abbas International Airport, was quoted as saying by IRNA.

By 1 p.m. on Tuesday, only two flights had managed to land at the airport, with the other flights either delayed indefinitely or canceled.

The high pressure system that entered the province on Monday has created a dust storm and reduced horizontal visibility to 100 meters.

The air quality index on Tuesday registered a dangerously high 300 AQI, which is considered dangerous for all age groups, leading to the shutdown of all schools in Bandar Abbas.

The amount of particulate matters in the air increases, depending on the strength of wind. On Monday, the volume of particles reached 1,200 micrograms per cubic meter, which is eight times more than the acceptable level.

Weather forecasts predict that the system will remain in the region with fluctuations until early Sunday.


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