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9,000 Nomad Families Set Forth

9,000 Nomad Families Set Forth9,000 Nomad Families Set Forth

As the cold spreads over the mountainous province of Ilam, some 9,000 nomad families totaling 80,000 people, begin their autumn migration, Mehr News quoted general manager of Ilam’s tribal affairs Ali Salimi.

With 1.4 million livestock, nomads of Ilam produce 7,900 tons of red meat, 1,570 tons of wool and hair, 465 tons of animal oil, 372 tons of curd, and 25,178 tons of milk each year, supplying the province with many dairy and protein products, totaling $93 million.

Some 65% of the provincial protein products are supplied by the nomads, while their number comprises 12% of Ilam’s total population. They also make noteworthy handicrafts, including rugs, clothes, bags, and basketry.

Currently there are 2,200 km nomad roads in this western province, Salimi said. Usually on December 6, Ilam nomads begin their migration. This year, however, the cold weather accelerated the decampment, motivating the nomads to head for winter quarters such as Mehran county, 100 km shouthwest of Ilam city; Dehloran county at southern end of the province; and Mormori district in Abdanan county.