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Lodging on roof of Gilan

 Lodging on roof of Gilan
 Lodging on roof of Gilan

Gileboom 'the roof of Gilan' is an innovative eco-lodge, set up last year in Qasemabad Sofla, a county in the northern province of Gilan.

The lodging has gained noticeable success in a short span of time, attracting hundreds of tourists in the past few months. They can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the services rendered by the local people.

Those interested in nature tours will find Gileboom the right place to lodge for their refreshment after a week of hard work.

Local foods are served in their original form and tourists can experience Gilak (relating to Gilan) life-style.

The site has shop where local handicrafts at low prices are put on display. Tourists can also watch how the hand made goods are produced.

Gileboom is recommended to enthusiasts of eco tours who appreciate lush greenery, silent retreats, fresh air, and healthy foods free from artificial additives.

Qasemabad, a Gilani lodge

Beset by mountains and woods, Qasemabad is a narrow expanse of dazzling beauty. In old times, it provided a strategic position where locals could make forays against invaders.

People of the region are reputed for their hard and unyielding disposition against oppression and tyranny, a temperament that has been undoubtedly instrumental in preserving their custom in their pristine form.  But do not be alarmed; locals are sociable and hospitable like the rest of their fellow citizens, resenting any sort of prejudice against guests and foreigners.