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ICHHTO: No Mummies in Iran

ICHHTO: No Mummies in IranICHHTO: No Mummies in Iran

A senior cultural heritage official has put an end to rumors about the discovery of mummified remains and such ancient artifacts in Iran.

Unsubstantiated reports of the discovery of mummified remains and other unusual relics in Iran have been making the rounds on social media apps, namely Telegram, for a while, prompting a response from Mohammad Hassan Talebian, deputy for cultural heritage at Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

"People need to know we don't have mummies in Iran," he told reporters on Tuesday, Mehr News Agency reported.

"Certain individuals create fake artifacts and convince others that they are of value, tricking them into buying the objects."

Iran is a country rich in history, but "that doesn't mean you find historical objects everywhere," the official added.

Talebian said it is essential for people to be able to discern rumors from credible reports and not be easily duped by everything they read on social media. "We cannot control these rumors, but as the main body in Iran with relevant knowledge, we do what we can to inform people," he said, adding that ICHHTO's experts are always dispatched to areas where there is solid evidence of a historical discovery.


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