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Google to Help Travelers Find Best Airfares

Google to Help Travelers  Find Best AirfaresGoogle to Help Travelers  Find Best Airfares

Google wants to make it easier for people to snag the lowest possible airline prices, thanks to the latest version of the company’s Flights search service.

The update, which will roll out in the “coming weeks”, will inform users if a price for a specific flight could go up in the near future, or offer tips to get the best fare for a particular route.

Previously, Google Flights included tools to see airline’s fluctuating prices, like a calendar view of fares, or ways to search for a cheap destination based on when you want to travel.

It also could alert users to price changes for flights they are tracking, Tech Crunch reported.

The new version improves the functionality further by also notifying users when the current fare is expected to expire, so they will know how much they can save by booking immediately.

If a specific flight number is entered into Google Flights, it might sent a notification informing the user that the current price is expected to go up in a few hours and that it might be a good idea to purchase the ticket now in order to secure the lowest possible fare.

If a person is still picking the best flight on a specific route, the app might offer suggestions for alternative airports or different travel days that might lower its ticket price.

Some people like to wait before buying a ticket to see if the fare goes down in a few days. In that case, Google Flights can now be set up to send notifications to users if a ticket price decreases for a specific route or flight.

Any saved flights can be tracked on a user’s phone as part of the new update, Android Authority reported.

Google is also adding some other new travel features as part of its search app. A new filter called “Deals” has been added that will let users see only special hotel prices for specific dates, along with extra special prices for members of a hotel’s rewards membership service.


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