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Carvansarai for Lease

Carvansarai for LeaseCarvansarai for Lease

The caravanserai of Qavam-Abad will be handed to the private sector, the head of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) announced. Masib Amiri said currently the site is a ICHHTO property, and will be leased to the private sector for 23 years, as a road side rest area. The property was auctioned at a $2,427 monthly rent. An estimated $1.1 milion was spent on its for restoration and refurbishment. “Handing over the management of historical sites to the private sector and setting up an application process for alternative housing are among the strategies for restoring and preserving such properties,” the official stated. The caravanserai had been a place for respite in the past, accommodating caravans of travelers, and is one of the prominent monuments of the provinces, adjacent to the new Isfahan-Shiraz road, in Qavam-Abad village, Marvdasht county, Fars Province. The building can be traced back to the Qajar era, and its vicinity to the old and new roads adds to its value.