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Iranians Eye Oman Health Tourists

Iranians Eye Oman Health Tourists Iranians Eye Oman Health Tourists

During the medical tourism expo in Omani capital Muscat, the Iranian delegation had only one target in mind: Omani health tourists. Attending the Sixth Oman Health Exhibition and Conference (September 20-22), Iranians were given a well-positioned pavilion that was visited by ambassadors from Germany and India, and praised by Omani officials. Iran's high quality and affordable medical care is a major attraction for health tourists in the Middle East, and tourism officials have made a point of capitalizing on this to develop Iran's health tourism sector, Mehr News Agency reported. In line with strengthening bilateral tourism ties, Iranian and Omani officials agreed to hold joint exhibitions on health tourism, as well as cultural and ecotourism. The Iranian delegation included representatives from Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Trade Promotion Organization, Iran Tourism Development Corporation, some medical universities and hospitals. The UAE, India, Germany, Thailand, Lebanon, China, the United States, Britain and Malaysia were among the attendees this year.