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Eyn-ol-Rashid Caravanserai Restored

Eyn-ol-Rashid Caravanserai RestoredEyn-ol-Rashid Caravanserai Restored

Eyn-ol-Rashid caravanserai near Garmsar city, Semnan Province, has been restored, CHTN quoted provincial head of the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Mahvash Kamali as saying.

In the restoration operations, foundation and ceiling were reinforced; the floor was slanted, and 3 drainage wells were dug in the vicinity; the roof was thatched; and the debris removed.

Safe and sound, clean and strong, Eyn-ol-Rashid Caravanserai is now open to the public. Located to the south of Garmsar, northeast of Salt Lake, on the northern slope of Siah-Kuh ‘black mountain’, it served as a shelter and resting place on the ancient road of Isfahan-Kashan-Khorasan.

Some 2 km south of Eyn-ol-Rashid lies the Safavid caravanserai of Bahram. Both the caravanserais are popular retreats for desert trekkers as well as cultural tourists.