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Illegal Constructions at Alamut Fortress

Illegal Constructions at Alamut FortressIllegal Constructions at Alamut Fortress

While Alamut Fortress in Qazvin Province, is planned to be registered on the World Heritage List, there are “worrying developments around this historical monument.” Some illegal constructions in the vicinity of the fortress pose barriers for its international registration, Mehr News quoted head of Qazvin Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Mohammad Ali Hazratiha as saying.

Hazratiha said, the cheaply built structures in the vicinity of the fortress should be destroyed by public campaigning.

“Now that the opportunity to register the legendry fortress on the World Heritage List is available, and the latest documents are prepared to be submitted to UNESCO, a handful of opportunists who seek to pursue their petty personal interests should not be allowed to sully the natural and historical background of Alamut Fortress,” he declared.

Hazratiha welcomed the intervention of the judiciary and law enforcement forces. “The intervention revealed a considerable amount of coordination among provincial authorities, and they are determined to sustain tourism in all parts of the country,” he asserted.