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Precious Stones Center in Hamedan Province

Precious Stones Center in Hamedan ProvincePrecious Stones Center in Hamedan Province

A precious stones center has been set up close to the touristic region of Heidariye in Hamedan Province with funding from the private sectors and support of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO). Hamedan Province, abundant in precious and semi-precious stone mines, is popular for traditional arts and handicrafts using gemstones, Provincial head of ICHHTO said on Sunday, CHTN reported. Reyhan Sorush-moghadam pointing to the variety of valuable stones, said handicrafts sector made of precious stones is developing, and the sale of such products has become a major business in the province. The center is set to be developed in four phases, the first of which will be inaugurated in later this month. The jewel hub, situated 5 km from the capital Hamedan city, not only will be a venue for producing and selling of invaluable stones, but also be a teaching centre accommodating various educational lathing workshops. Artisans from India, Thailand, and Taiwan have booked part of the shopping arcade.