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Construction Around Persepolis Banned

Construction Around Persepolis BannedConstruction Around Persepolis Banned

Development around the historical ruins of Persepolis in Fars Province has been temporarily banned until the conclusion of archeological studies and legal investigations on possible violations, including encroachment on the site’s boundaries, ISNA reported. Cultural heritage sites have boundaries known as buffer zones that are divided into three areas, with Zone 1 being the closest to and Zone 3 the furthest from the main site. A buffer zone provides an additional layer of protection to a world heritage property, separating it from other sites and ensuring no harm comes to the site. National and international laws explicitly ban encroaching on the boundaries of historical places, especially zones 1 and 2. The presence of a flour mill in Zone 2 and the possibility of further developments in the area has compelled the management of Persepolis to take steps to ban all construction activities in the area until legal investigations and archeological studies are conducted.