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UK Pledges Tourism Funds

UK Pledges Tourism Funds UK Pledges Tourism Funds

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a new £40 million ($52.8 million) fund for tourism projects across the land as part of a plan to help her deliver on her pledge that Brexit will create "real opportunities for growth" in the sector. Branded the Tourism Action Plan, the agenda aims to capitalize on the weaker pound currently making trips cheaper for overseas visitors, according to Breaking Travel News. The pound has fallen from $1.49 on the day of the Brexit referendum in July to lows of $1.28 in July and August. Central to the new action plan is deregulation, such as relaxing licensing protocols to allow B&Bs to offer more services, while allowing owners to give guests a lift from train stations to their accommodation. The first grants from the £40 million Discover England fund have been awarded to projects and organizations in different geographic areas intended to attract tourism outside of London, The Guardian reported.