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Marine Club in Limbo

Marine Club in LimboMarine Club in Limbo

The Interior Ministry has voiced its opposition to the establishment of Marine Tourism Club, announced a senior member of the Marine Development Association.

Speaking to Marine Times News Agency, Daryoush Mirbolouki, the head of the association, said the ministry announced its opposition about two months ago.

“They believe the founders lack the experience and expertise to launch such an endeavor,” he said.

Earlier in May, the association brought together nine people familiar with the inner workings of the sector to set up the club and held a meeting in which a representative of the ministry reluctantly agreed to attend.

Mirbolouki said the association has not given up and is going to strengthen the club’s board of directors by asking experienced tour operators and experts in the field to join.

“If we succeed, we will obtain the ministry’s consent within weeks,” he noted.

Marine Tourism Club aims to focus on and support sea-based activities and programs.

The sector’s activities are influenced by a range of entities, such as Ports and Maritime Organization, Department of Environment and Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, which makes progress nigh on impossible.

The founders intend the club to bring decision-makers under one roof and function as the main, if not the only, entity that governs marine tourism.