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17 Countries to Attend Isfahan Crafts Assembly

17 Countries to Attend Isfahan Crafts Assembly17 Countries to Attend Isfahan Crafts Assembly

Some 17 member countries of the World Crafts Council have sought to attend the WCC’s 18th General Assembly scheduled to be held in Isfahan from September 22-29.

According to a statement by the Public Relations Office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Denmark, Egypt, India, Italy, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Britain and Uruguay are some of the members that have expressed interest in attending the meeting, among which the 70-member Indian group and 50-member Chinese delegation are the biggest groups that are set to attend the assembly so far.

The event is set to be held at Chehelsotoun, a historical pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool in Isfahan. Separate pavilions will be set up for Iran, Asia and Oceania, Europe and America. The participants will present their countries’ significant works of art and handicrafts.

Choosing Isfahan as the venue for the convention has provided Iran, which is home to one of the richest cultures in the world, a unique opportunity to introduce its magnificent arts and crafts to the world.

“Being chosen as host of this event is a great honor and privilege for us. I would like to congratulate all Iranians for this accomplishment,” Masoud Soltanifar, the head of ICHHTO, said in the statement.

The third largest city in Iran, Isfahan was officially declared the cultural capital of Islam for 2006. It is famous for its handmade artworks such as carpets, textiles, Khatam (a Persian form of marquetry) and more. The city joined the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in 2015.