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Qazvin to Host Seminar on Restoration Projects

Qazvin to Host Seminar on Restoration ProjectsQazvin to Host Seminar on Restoration Projects

Iran’s Restoration and Utilization Fund for Historical Places is organizing a one-day seminar on September 4 in the city of Qazvin to introduce its range of activities and investment opportunities.

“Foreign ambassadors to Iran and representatives of international organizations residing in Tehran have been invited to the event,” said Mohammad Reza Pouyandeh, chief executive of the fund.

The conference coincides with the closing of the Silk Road Mayors Forum hosted by Qazvin (beginning August 30) and, therefore, foreign mayors will also be attending the event.

A number of foreign ambassadors and UNESCO’s representative in Tehran will deliver speeches, the Persian daily Donya-e-Eqtesad reported.

“One of the objectives of the event is to ask attendees to introduce similar institutes in their countries to Iran so that we can exchange knowledge and expertise,” said Pouyandeh.

Through the seminar, Iran also aims to express readiness for cooperation with neighboring countries in joint restoration projects.

Another purpose is to encourage foreign investors to enter the Iranian market by investing in such projects.