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1200 Hotels Under Construction

1200 Hotels Under Construction1200 Hotels Under Construction

Nearly 1200 hotels are under construction across the country, with 10 (4-5 star rated) hotels completed, reported CHTN. “Previously, banks were responsible for providing funds for tourism projects, a task in which they have fallen short.  With the National Development Fund providing part of the capital, we hope this trend will change,” said Saeed Shirkavand, deputy head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) for Planning and Investment. The official said tourism investment had gained pace as a result of the current administration’s policy to improve relations with the world and the new found confidence of foreign investors in Iran as a worth-while investment option. “The construction of 1000 new rest areas are on the agenda, with 450 already built and ready to use. Plans for repair and renovation of 300 sanitation facilities and service areas are also in the pipeline,” he added.