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Marble Palace Threatened by Tehran Air Pollution

Marble Palace Threatened by Tehran Air PollutionMarble Palace Threatened by Tehran Air Pollution

Tehran’s air pollution is impacting historical sites such as the iconic Marble Palace (Kakh-e Marmar in Persian), where cracks have appeared on different parts of its stone walls, said an academic and expert on restoration and preservation of cultural heritage.

Speaking to ILNA, Ahmadreza Heshmati also urged officials to up their game and regularly monitor vulnerable sites to repair damage and prevent their spread.

In pollution-ridden metropolises like Tehran, acidic pollutants in the air can corrode limestone and marble over time.

“Vulnerable buildings must be cleansed of pollutants quickly, otherwise they’ll be absorbed by the building material and cause severe damage,” he said.

“The palace’s gateway, columns and arches have got cracks, which endanger the historical site’s integrity.”

Heshmati noted that brick buildings are much more resistant against such environmental harms.

Old buildings are always exposed to harm and strong security measures, such as fire sensors, security cameras and vigilant caretakers, are essential to reduce risk of damage.

Built between 1934 and 1937, Marble Palace is one of the sprawling capital city’s most famous sites. It is located in the city center, but the location was a quiet quarter of Tehran when the palace was erected.