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Tourism Sites Open on Mourning Days

Tourism Sites Open on Mourning Days Tourism Sites Open on Mourning Days

There are no rules to close tourist attractions on national days of mourning, according to a lawmaker. Jabbar Kouchakinejad, the head of cultural heritage group in the parliament, said tourist sites might be closed on such days based on provincial decisions, but the country’s laws do not forbid the sites from remaining open on such days, ISNA reported. “Even on special days of mourning, such as Tasua and Ashura (days of mourning related to the martyrdom anniversaries of Imam Hussein (PBUH)), there is no ban on visiting the tourist attractions,” said the legislator, adding that the only ban imposed by law on such days is on music. Kouchakinejad, who represents the northern Gilan Province, stressed that special services have been envisioned for both domestic and foreign tourists during the holy month of Ramadan and there is no rule stating that these centers must be closed. He added that the provincial authorities can even apply for a permit if large numbers of visitors demand to see the site on mourning days.