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Facilitating Travel to Qeshm

Facilitating Travel to QeshmFacilitating Travel to Qeshm

Traveling to Qeshm Island, located a few kilometers off the southern shores of Hormozgan Province, will become easier and more affordable to help boost the local tourism industry.

“Reducing travel expenses has been approved by relevant authorities on the island,” said Abdoljavad Kamali, the head of tourism at Qeshm Free Zone Organization.

According to Mehr News Agency, the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Company will soon provide special trains linking mainland Iran to Qeshm Island, at more reasonable prices.

“Films on traditions, customs and tourism attractions of the island will also be screened for passengers during the train ride,” Kamali said,

To oil the wheels of the nascent tourism sector, the number of flights to Qeshm will also increase.

To ensure the island is accessible to everyone, road trips at affordable prices have been planned for those living in cities with no air or rail access to Qeshm.

“Travel agencies and hoteliers in Qeshm have expressed willingness to provide low-cost road trips for those unable to come to the Island via other means, which will no doubt play a huge role in developing our tourism sector,” Kamali said.

In an effort to get the private sector more heavily involved in developing tourism and help the local economy, Qeshm Development Fund will be launched by QFZO and private investors.

“The fund will be used to develop tourism and trade in Qeshm and will help bring public and private sectors closer,” he said.

One of Iran’s seven free zones, Qeshm Island is a top holiday destination and a treasure trove of natural and ecological attractions.

Aside from the Middle East’s first, and only, geopark (initially added to UNESCO’s coveted Global Geoparks Network in 2006) and sandy beaches, the island’s famed mangrove forests in the Hara Protected Area draw large numbers of domestic and foreign tourists.