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WiFi Connection More Vital Than Hotel Location

WiFi Connection More Vital Than Hotel LocationWiFi Connection More Vital Than Hotel Location

Travelers have spoken and they say in-room WiFi is more important to them than a hotel’s location, parking and even complimentary breakfast, according to a recent survey.

The Research+Data Insights survey found that complimentary WiFi came in second only to cost when considering booking a hotel stay. It showed that 80% of economy travelers have a more favorable opinion of a hotel offering complimentary WiFi with guaranteed speeds.

The survey also found that millennials are two times more likely than other age groups to stream video or music and play online games using hotel WiFi, reported.

But merely offering WiFi is not enough; the connection must be secure.

“You are not offering your guests the gift of the glorious Internet,” said Jared van Ast, founder and managing director at 10dot Cloud Security.

“You’re giving them an expected commodity, along with clean linen, coffee and chocolates so small you could store them in your cheek without your taste buds even noticing.”

Guests expect an Internet connection, but much more than that, they expect a secure network over which to conduct their business–professional or otherwise, according to

Hotels are the frontrunners when it comes to on-demand network management and service experience.