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CDC Issues Zika Travel Warning in Florida

CDC Issues Zika Travel Warning in FloridaCDC Issues Zika Travel Warning in Florida

The US Center for Disease Control issued their first Zika-related travel advisory for the US mainland on Monday, recommending that pregnant women and those who plan to become pregnant avoid a Miami neighborhood where the virus has been spreading. The affected region, just north of downtown Miami, is about one square mile in area. Florida’s Public Health Department has said that there are now a total of 14 cases in the community that were likely contracted from local mosquitoes rather than from someone traveling abroad. That means that the virus, which has been linked to dangerous birth defects like abnormally small heads, could begin to spread much faster in the summer mosquito season, Fortune reported. In the meantime, the congress has still not passed a bill to fund anti-Zika measures. Lawmakers are currently on summer recess, leading Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut to call for Congress to reconvene and approve emergency legislation. Earlier this week, England issued a travel advisory urging pregnant women to reconsider traveling to Florida.