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Database of Historical Buildings Planned

Database of Historical Buildings PlannedDatabase of Historical Buildings Planned

Tehran Municipality will launch a database to register information on buildings of historical and cultural significance in the Iranian capital.

Highlighting the importance of safeguarding these structures, Pejman Pashmchizadeh, deputy for urban development at TM, said the scheme is aimed at facilitating the allocation of financial support for restoration and maintenance of historical structures, ISNA reported.

“Data will be collected with the help of experts, relevant organizations and the general public,” he said.

“The collected data will serve as a valuable source for historical and cultural studies and will facilitate the sites’ inscription on the National Heritage List.”

The database may also serve “as an extra layer of protection” for old buildings that may fall into disrepair due to poor management, which frequently results in costly or even irreparable damage to and destruction of historical sites, Pashmchizadeh said.

The municipality is the only entity allowed to issue construction and demolition permits, which at times has led to the destruction of historically-significant buildings because there was a lack of communications between TM and Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

“With a comprehensive body of information, the database can help provide vital information about sites of historical and cultural importance, preventing the issuance of demolition permits,” he added.

Pashmchizadeh underlined people’s key role in preserving Tehran’s historical texture and called for their collaboration with officials to help complete the database.