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Marine Tourism Talks With Italy

Marine Tourism Talks With ItalyMarine Tourism Talks With Italy

An Italian trade delegation touring the northern Mazandaran Province is said to be interested in cooperating with Iran in the area of marine tourism, which could pave the way for Italians and other Western European citizens to visit Iran.

The 50-member delegation, which comprises executives from 43 companies active in sectors ranging from banking to tourism, is headed by the president of Italy’s Marche region, Luca Ceriscioli.

“If the talks go well, the Italy-Russia passenger shipping line will soon link up with Iran,” IRNA quoted a high-ranking member of the delegation as saying.

In a meeting with governor generals, merchants and businesspeople of Mazandaran, the Italian guests found opportunity to detect potential investment fields and signed four memoranda of understanding.

This was the 12th foreign delegation visiting Mazandaran, following the landmark nuclear deal Iran signed with the six world powers in July last year and its implementation in January this year, according to the news agency.

Maritime tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry that has become a significant contributor to numerous economies. In Europe alone, employing over 3.2 million people, this sector generates close to $200 billion in gross value added, representing over a third of the continent’s maritime economy.

With over 3,100 kilometers of coastlines in the north and south, the country must focus on maritime tourism, which requires a great deal of planning and policymaking, according to Iran’s tourism officials.