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Iran, Poland to Boost Heritage Ties

Iran, Poland to Boost Heritage TiesIran, Poland to Boost Heritage Ties

Polish deputy minister of culture and national heritage Monika Smolen, met with Mohammad Hasan Talebian, deputy head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), with an aim to expand ties between the two countries in the area of culture, tourism, and handicrafts. She said her country has drafted an MoU in this regard, to be signed by Iran should it accept. Smolen said Poland attaches great importance to Cultural issues in its economic policy. The official called Iran a country with a great history, claiming that Poland boasts the most extensive Persian teaching program in all of Europe. Mohammad Hasan Talebian congratulated Poland for its national Independence Day anniversary, retaining that the two countries had long history of cooperation in archeology. The official was pleased that a Polish university has a specialized publication on Iranian history. He also cited great opportunities for holding joint expos in the national museums of the two countries. Talebian urged the countries to exchange students, teachers, and to hold workshops via the responsible organizations.