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Project Promoting Handicraft

Project Promoting Handicraft  Project Promoting Handicraft

Iran and Russia have signed a two-year contract, worth an estimated $2.9 million, to develop handicraft trade between the two countries and help Iran improve their international profile, said the president of Hamiyan, an NGO active in the field of handicrafts, tourism and cultural heritage.

Following the launch of ‘Iran’s Handicraft Convoy’, a project to boost the industry’s development in and outside the country, Amir Mehdi Taherifar said: “We have important plans to oil the wheels of Iran’s handicraft market.”

In a press conference Saturday, Taherifar noted that the Foreign Ministry has held discussions with several countries to hold exhibitions by Iranian artisans, IRNA reports.

“We’re on the verge of signing a similar deal with Austria … these accords are among the achievements of the project,” he said.

Countries with which Iran is eager to cooperate have been chosen after careful analysis and comprehensive research on the target country’s market and its potential.

Vitreous enamel (also called porcelain enamel), Khatam (a Persian version of marquetry), and handmade embellished products comprise a major part of Iran’s handicraft exports, Taherifar said.

The project will have another phase in collaboration with the Tehran Municipality. “The NGO has come to an agreement with TM to hold handicraft exhibitions in cultural centers.”

Bahman Namvar Motlaq, deputy for handicraft affairs at the ICHHTO, earlier told IRNA that the international sanctions had undermined the industry,  yet, “thanks to the lifting of sanctions (in January) and efforts by Iranian artisans and relevant officials, Iran’s handicraft sector is gradually getting back on track as exports improve.”

Restrictions imposed by the UN, US and Europe over the nuclear program dispute hurt large sectors of the Iranian economy, including the tourist and handicraft industry.