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Sanandaj Jame’ Mosque Undergoing Restoration

Sanandaj Jame’ Mosque Undergoing RestorationSanandaj Jame’ Mosque Undergoing Restoration

Restoration work on Jame’ Mosque of Sanandaj in Kurdestan Province has begun, following the allocation of funds by Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

The provincial office of ICHHTO has earmarked 1 billion rials ($28,000) for the purpose as part of comprehensive plans to revive historical sites in the province.

“Of great historical and cultural significance, the mosque has undergone several rounds of restoration before,” said Mohsen Alavi, the head of Kurdestan’s ICHHTO office.

He added that work on the building will hopefully finish by the end of the Iranian month of Tir (July 21), Mehr News Agency reported.

“Once restored, the building can serve both as a religious and historical attraction and a venue for religious rituals such as congregational prayers (Friday prayers),” he said, adding that three other mosques are also simultaneously undergoing restoration in Sanandaj.

Three teams specializing in various areas, including painted tiles and stonemasonry, will work on the site.

“The teams constitute a total of 12 artisans who will repair tile patterns, replace damaged parts in the facade, restore the floor, join the edges of painted tiles and insulate the roof, among others,” said Yadollah Zenori, a restoration supervisor at ICHHTO.

Dar-ol-Ehsan Mosque or the Jame’ Mosque of Sanandaj is a Qajar-era building that is of great importance both in terms of religious functions and architectural qualities.

Its unique design, together with the types of material used in its construction, attracts a large number of tourists each year.

Due to mismanagements over the past years, modern buildings have been built adjacent to the mosque overshadowing the beauty of the historical structure. However, the old section of the mosque still provides a picturesque sight in the heart of Sanandaj.