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Shards of Zivieh

Shards  of ZiviehShards  of Zivieh

Some 35,000 pieces of pottery and earthenware, discovered in Zivieh archaeological site, Kurdistan Province are being sorted, CHTN quoted head of Iran National Museum as saying.  Following a request from the provincial Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, an expert team from the National Museum was dispatched to the Zivieh Cultural Heritage Center and started organizing the collection of the potteries. The pieces had been obtained during 14 rounds of scientific excavation, deputy at the provincial cultural heritage organization and also the supervisor of Zivieh Cultural Heritage Center, Alireza Azarshab said. Kept in Zivieh Cultural Heritage Center, the shards needed to be studied by an expertizing team, Azarshab added. After the completion of the project, the pottery collection of Zivieh can be used as an earthenware reference of the region. Zivieh is one of the significant ancient sites in northwest Iran that has not yet undergone a coherent study. No scientific article on the site has been published so far.