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Persian Courses Trending in India’s Jaipur

Persian Courses Trending in India’s JaipurPersian Courses Trending in India’s Jaipur

Certificate courses in a few foreign languages, including Persian, have become “a rage” in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan in northern India, due to expanding business ties and an increase in the number of tourists speaking those languages. According to a report by the Times of India, other sought-after languages are French, German and Arabic. Growing business ties between India and Iran has created a need for Persian language tutors in the city. Furthermore, Persian has gained prominence due to a rise in the number of tourists from Iran and expansion of diplomatic ties between Iran and India. “Rajasthan witnesses thousands of tourists from Iran, which has created a demand in the hospitality sector,” says Piyush Sharma, a manager at a five-star hotel in Jaipur. He said Iranians have certain traditions, which means they never compromise on food and surroundings and care about the quality of services. “Employees trained in their language in any good hotel will be an added advantage,” he added.