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Iran Issues Safety Precautions for Turkey-Bound Tourists

Iran Issues Safety Precautions for Turkey-Bound TouristsIran Issues Safety Precautions for Turkey-Bound Tourists

Following a rise in the number of complaints filed by Iranians who fell victim to fraudulent practices in Turkey, Iran’s Consulate in Istanbul issued a notice offering safety tips to people visiting Turkey.

Iranian tourists, especially those going to Istanbul, are advised against carrying money, valuable objects or identification documents in crowded public places to minimize loss in case of a robbery.

According to the notice, if passports or other items of value are lost or stolen, it must be reported to the nearest police station as soon as possible.

The consulate also warns tourists against trusting strangers in airports, public places, hotels and shopping centers.

“Avoid entrusting strangers with your valuables or keeping suspicious packages in your trust,” the notice states.

The consulate noted that it has no representatives in Istanbul or other cities. Therefore, tourists must immediately inform the consulate when crossing paths with people who claim to be connected to Iran’s diplomatic mission.

Iran’s Consulate is ready to offer services throughout the week and travelers are asked to either refer to the office in person or contact it by phone in case of any mishap.