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Cooperation with Hermitage Museum

Cooperation with Hermitage MuseumCooperation with Hermitage Museum

During an interview with Biz News (Kasbokar), researcher and second scientific director of Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia Artem Andreyevich expressed his interest to start cooperation with Iran. There are promising grounds for such a joint program, he noted. Hermitage has many Persian miniatures on display, as well as unique Iranian artifacts including the numerous gifts from Qajar Kings to Russian rulers. Andreyevich particularly referred to the reigns of Mohammad Shah and Naserodin Shah of Qajar dynasty when there was a considerable exchange of gifts between the two countries. He mentioned the cannons placed now at Sa’d Abad historical complex as gifts of Alexander II, the last great tsar. Andreyevich asserted that Iran is rich in artifacts that can attract Russian visitors, including the portraits of Nicholas II and Alexander II painted by the renowned artists of history. “Though perhaps for political concerns, there have been limited ties so far, I am sure we will witness a boost in the cultural cooperation of the two countries,” he said.