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National Museum in High Demand

National Museum in High DemandNational Museum in High Demand

With the advent of the post-sanctions era, world museums have expressed willingness to cooperate with the National Museum of Iran for holding joint exhibitions, exchanging curators, restoring relics and conducting research. Iran accepted an invitation to participate in an exhibition held in India earlier this year in collaboration with reputable museums such as the British Museum and Hermitage, making it the first time the National Museum of Iran since its launch in 1937 displayed its collection in a country where the Iranian New Year (Norouz) is celebrated. Speaking to ILNA, Jebraiel Nokandeh, director of the museum, stressed the importance of restoring cultural relations with other countries, especially those sharing cultural and historical commonalities with Iran. “Holding exhibitions in cooperation with museums in other countries is a common practice,” he said, hoping that the post-sanctions era will provide the opportunity for Iran to hold and participate in such events. Nokandeh said Armenia has requested to hold an exhibition in Iran, while discussions have been held with India, Germany, Italy, Mexico and South Korea on loaning collections, adding that the Louvre officials have shown keen interest in working with the national museum and “negotiations are underway.”