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No More Paper Tickets for Museums?

No More Paper Tickets for Museums?No More Paper Tickets for Museums?

In a move to gradually introduce electronic tickets to replace the traditional paper version for museums, Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has temporarily stopped printing tickets until the remaining ones are sold. The plan, which has long been on ICHHTO’s agenda, has so far been implemented in a few museums in Tehran. Mohammad Reza Kargar, the head of museums affair at ICHHTO, told Mehr News Agency that implementing the plan across the country takes time, but no new tickets will be printed until the old ones are sold out. “A limited number of tickets will be printed in Tehran to be used in case old ones run out or e-tickets face technical problems,” he said. This is while Tehran’s palace complexes, such as Niavaran and Sa’dabad, which were supposed to implement the e-ticket pilot scheme, do not yet offer Internet reservation services and visitors have to visit the palace complex of their choice in person to receive an A4 print of the e-ticket at the gate, which defeats the purpose.