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Handicraft Expo Breaks Record

Handicraft Expo Breaks Record
Handicraft Expo Breaks Record

The sales of items crafted by Iranian artisans in the 26th Iran Handicrafts Exhibition broke the record set last year.

Official sales statistics were announced by craftsmen to the exhibition’s executive committee at the end of each day.

“The whole sales amounted to nearly 58 billion rials ($1.7 million), up from 28 billion rials ($811,000) in the previous round,” said Pouya Mahmoudian, director general of Handicrafts’ Export Office at Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

The figure does not include the 10 billion rials ($290,000) worth of handicrafts ordered by a Dutch trade delegation.

“Once obstacles blocking Iran’s reconnection to the international banking system are removed, we can add the $290,000 to the total sales figure,” she said.

Mahmoudian hoped that sales will continue to grow in future exhibitions.

“We will begin making plans for the next year’s expo earlier and continue making policies for the benefit of the handicrafts industry,” she said.

The 26th National Handicraft Exhibition was held on 25-30 May in Tehran’s Mossalla.

Last year’s event broke a record when craftsmen sold 28 billion rials ($811,000) worth of arts and crafts, surpassing the previous year’s 12 billion rials ($347,000).

This year, about 567 stalls were rented out to artisans, organizations, unions and e-commerce websites that sell handicraft products, up from 400 last year. Also, 15 charity organizations were given free stalls to help them raise money.