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Hendurabi Tourism Plan on Hold

Hendurabi Tourism Plan on HoldHendurabi Tourism Plan on Hold

The project to turn Hendurabi Island in the Persian Gulf into a tourist resort – or the ‘Island of Peace’ as the advocates of the scheme call it – has been suspended due to a number of environmental issues that have to be addressed.  

Reports from inspectors of the Department of Environment have shown a number of shortcomings in the plan with regard to its environmental impacts which have been communicated to project managers, said Parvin Farshchi, deputy of marine environment at the DOE.

Sections of the area where facilities are meant to be built overlaps protected areas and therefore alterations need to be made on the map of the resort to ensure no harm comes to conservation areas.

Besides, the proposed site for projects on the island’s shore is the habitat of large masses of coral whose habitat will be seriously threatened if the plan continues.

“Parts of the coral reefs have been relocated but other parts must be moved as well to be safe from the construction projects,” Fars News Agency quoted Farshchi as saying.

The official stressed that the scheme will nevertheless have negative impacts on the environment but ensured that the DOE will spare no effort to minimize the damage.

“We do not expect all corals to survive the relocation, but we believe it’s better than leaving them all to die,” she said.

Hendurabi is an island in the Persian Gulf located in Hormozgan Province to the west of Kish Island.