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Iran in Top 50

Iran in Top 50Iran in Top 50

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) announced the top 50 countries in terms of their tourism attractions. By attracting 4.7 million foreign tourists, Iran ranked 48th in 2013 for the first time since the Islamic Revolution, said head of UNWTO secretariat in Iran Ali Bagher Nemati, Mehr News reported.

Each year, UNWTO announces only 50 top tourist destinations and it is the first time Iran improved its ranking to be added to the list, he added.

Pointing to the importance of obtaining accurate statistics, Nemati stressed the need for implementation of a comprehensive system and added “by providing reports according to UNWTO standards, we have done our best to deliver comprehensive statistics to the organization regarding tourist arrivals to the country.”

“In order to recognize the role of tourism in economic development and its impact on business, production and national wealth, inclusive statistical procedures are needed to be implemented in the country. In that case we can properly and accurately declare the tourism industry share in economy.”

He added that the World Tourism Organization enjoys comprehensive and valuable information and experiences to help member states develop their tourism industries methodically.

Nemati added that each tourist spends an average of $1,300. Whereas Europeans expend more tourists from neighboring countries spend less. “According to UNWTO, South Asian countries, where Iran is also categorized, earn an average of $1,570 per tourist.”  

Nemati estimated Iran’s income from tourism at about $7 billion in 2013, while WTO figures indicate the United States as the world’s top-earning country from tourism with $128 billion in 2012.