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Touristic Submarine

Touristic SubmarineTouristic Submarine

Iran launched its first touristic submarine in Kish island, Persian Gulf, Fars News reported. The undersea vehicle was made by Iranian experts of Malek-Ashtar University of Technology (MUT) during 120 days. The floating vehicle which is dubbed Morvarid or ‘pearl’ can carry up to 4 people. It is 4 meters long and 3 meters wide and high. According to head of the Shahin-Shahr campus of the university, Mohammad-Reza Arabyar-Mohammadi, the vehicle is unique of its kind; comparable only to two Dutch models with one and two seats. About 50 cm of the vehicle stands above the water while the passenger compartment stays underwater. The vehicle is said to have a speed of up to 12 knots. It is powered by a diesel generator, but can be electrically driven for between six to 10 hours. “We have received 20 orders of such floating vehicles. They will join the touristic fleet of the country in 6 months,” Arabyar-Mohammadi added.