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Relic Seized From Smugglers

Relic Seized From Smugglers Relic Seized From Smugglers

An antique bronze rhyton was discovered last week in Ilam Province by law enforcement officials.

A rhyton is a container from which fluids were intended to be drunk or poured, often made from gold or iron and shaped in the form of animals such as cow, fish or bird. Preliminary studies suggest that the object is worth over 20 billion rials ($580,000).

The relic, which is said to date back to the Parthian era (247 BC – 224 AD), was discovered during stop and search of vehicles in Darreh Shahr, Ilam Province, during which led to the arrest of two smugglers.

Local authorities have opened criminal proceedings against the thieves, who were trying to smuggle the artifact out of the country.