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Striking Cabbies Disrupt Iran-Iraq Border Crossing

Striking Cabbies Disrupt Iran-Iraq Border CrossingStriking Cabbies Disrupt Iran-Iraq Border Crossing

Authorities in the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan region on Monday were forced to limit the flow of tourist buses carrying passengers from Iran to the region following a strike by Kurdish taxi drivers who had blocked the road.

The taxi drivers, who claim that the buses hurt their business, had formed a massive blockade to stymie the flow of traffic, television broadcasts showed.

Regional television station Rudaw reported that the officials managed to let in three buses, but it was not immediately clear what happened to the remaining vehicles.

Roughly 30 buses from Iran enter Kurdistan via the Haji Omran Border Crossing every day, the local broadcaster said.

Iranian tourists said that by not allowing buses through, they are forced to hire taxis which is both inconvenient and expensive.

Nearly two million tourists from Iran visit Kurdistan every year.