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Historical Mansions Sold

Historical Mansions SoldHistorical Mansions Sold

The Fund for Restoration and Administration of Historical and Cultural Places has transferred the ownership of two historical houses in the city of Isfahan to private individuals to be repurposed into lodging facilities, ISNA reported.

One structure, the Bekhradi House, dates back to the early years of the Safavid era (1502 – 1736) and its restoration is expected to cost around 13 billion rials ($379,000).

The other building is known locally as Qoli Shiran House; a Qajar era-structure (1789 – 1925) that will cost an estimated 3.1 billion rials ($90,000) to restore.

Both buildings on located in Chahar Bagh Paein Street.

The fund’s stated goal is to transfer the ownership of 100 historical buildings annually to the private sector in an effort to restore and repurpose the structures into lodging facilities to promote tourism and help address Iran’s shortage of accommodation. Officials have said they intend to cede 1,084 buildings by 2025.