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Schengen Visa for 4 Nations

Schengen Visa for 4 Nations  Schengen Visa for 4 Nations

The European Commission is ready to give its approval this week to plans allowing visa-free travel to Europe for the citizens of Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo. The total population of those countries is about 127 million. Under the arrangement, tourists from the four countries will be able to move freely within the 26-member Schengen zone for up to three months. They will still require a visa to enter Britain, the Sunday Times Reported. Critics fear the tourists’ ranks could be swelled by many of the estimated 400,000 Kurds from southeast Turkey displaced by a government clampdown. Diplomats say many could successfully seek asylum. Turkey, home to 75m people, is included in the plans as part of a deal, pushed by Germany, to enlist its help in controlling the flow of migrants to Europe.