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Google Testing Travel App

Google Testing Travel AppGoogle Testing Travel App

Google is reportedly working on a new travel app that combines the best of two of the company’s mobile apps: Maps and Now, Google’s prescient personal assistant. Except Trips, as it’s apparently called, is not quite ready for primetime (or the Google Play store) as of yet.

News of the app’s existence comes via Dutch site AndroidWorld, which obtained screenshots of Trips from Local Guides users, a community-driven offshoot of Google Maps.

The app, which is purportedly in testing at the moment, works by trawling a user’s Gmail to create bundles of travel data. So all of a person;s flight, hotel, dining and sightseeing reservations will be collected in one convenient and shareable package.

While Trips is said to automatically scour a user’s email account to build out an archive of past and upcoming travel, it should also allow users to manually build out bundles and itineraries, reported.

Of course, this being a Google app, there is also a recommendation feature that can offer suggestions for things to do nearby, sights to see, places to eat or even map out directions using various modes of transport. Trips will also allow users to leave feedback and even post photos on places of interest much like a living guidebook.

All that said, there is no official word on when Google will release Trips to the public, if at all. So if you are really itching to get your hands on the app, your best bet is to sign up for Local Guides and hope for a peek behind the beta curtain.