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Travel Guidebook for Russians

Travel Guidebook  for RussiansTravel Guidebook  for Russians

A travel guidebook called “Iran Travel and Tourism” has been published in Russia in the local language that introduces Iran’s top attractions and cultural heritage sites using pictures and text. The 140-page book was sponsored by the Iranian Embassy in Moscow and published by Veche Publishers, IRNA reported. “At a time when relations between Iran and Russia are expanding, developing a mutual understanding between the people of both countries seems all the more important,” Iran’s ambassador in Moscow, Mehdi Sanaei, wrote in a preface for the book. In addition to introducing Iran’s historical and cultural attractions, the book includes a brief account of Iran’s history, governments, climatic and natural conditions, economy and cultural and social characteristics. The guidebook, which is Iran’s first-ever Russian travel guide aimed exclusively at Russians, is part of Iran’s plan to secure a bigger share of Russia’s 40-million outbound travel market.