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Russia to Launch Luxury Train

Russia to Launch Luxury TrainRussia to Launch Luxury Train

A new Moscow-Tehran route organized by the UK-based Golden Eagle Luxury Trains will be available on November 10.

The privately-owned company is due to open its new route from Moscow to Tehran on November 10, according to information published on the company’s website.

Tourists will be able to start their journey from Moscow, where they will arrive by plane in order to take part in the 18-day trip that will take them on a tour of the ancient Silk Road, Sputnik News reported.

Two days later, the company’s train will leave Moscow for Kazakhstan’s Baikonur and Uzbekistan’s cities of Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara as well as Ashgabat and Merv in Turkmenistan located in Central Asia.

After that, tourists will go to the holy city of Mashhad in Iran, where the shrine of the eighth imam of Shia Muslims, Imam Reza (PBUH) is located, before traveling to Mahan, Reygan, Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz. The three-day trip will end with a stop in the Iranian capital Tehran.

At least five such trips are expected within the Persia and Silk Road program between 2016 and 2017, which will additionally see tourists coming to Moscow from Tehran.

Going by train from Russia to Iran is believed to be one of the most unusual and exciting ways to travel across Central Asia and the Middle East, something that understandably costs a bundle.

Ticket prices start at $21,000, including the cost of meals and excursions and end with $80,000 plus.

As for Golden Eagle Luxury Trains Limited, it is the world’s leading operator of luxury rail trips to Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Russia. Earlier this month, a Golden Eagle train with 42 Americans and Europeans on board arrived in the Iranian ancient city of Isfahan.