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Semirom Ancient Hills

Semirom Ancient Hills Semirom Ancient Hills

Excavations at the ancient hills of Semirom, south Isfahan Province, revealed early settlements dating back to 7,000 years ago, ISNA quoted head of the provincial cultural heritage organization Sajad Afshari as saying. launched in late August, the excavations at Semirom’s Mash Karim hills produced archaeological information on the small area of 40 sq meters. The ancient site was settled in the 5th millennium BC, coinciding with pre-historic settlements of Shamsabad and Bakun near Persepolis of Fars, Afshari said. Covering an area of 10 by 5 meters, the excavations unearthed some stone architecture including adobe walls and chambers belonging to a few stages of nomad and rural settlements. The structure served a ritual-economic purpose, Afshari believes. Among the discovered items he mentioned primitive figurines adorned with geometrical, floral and animal inspired designs; some being emblematic. He attributed the figurines to a certain belief held by the ancient residents. Among the unearthed artifacts, there were also flint cutting implements, mnemonic and accounting devices, and tokens served for trading purposes.