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Air France Backs Down Over Crew Demand

Air France Backs Down Over Crew DemandAir France Backs Down Over Crew Demand

Faced with resistance from its cabin crew to follow Iran’s dress code, Air France brass has allowed female air hostesses and pilots to bow out of the Paris-Tehran flights.

The airline is preparing to start flying to Tehran on April 17 and has told employees that all female crew members must wear headscarves and loose-fitting clothing the moment they get off the plane in Tehran. Other airlines also abide by these local rules.

But Air France union members reacted angrily to the headscarf and clothing rules, saying “they intruded upon the crew’s free will.”

German carrier Lufthansa has been flying to Iran for years, and said it has never had staff complain about the dress code when exiting the plane in Tehran, CNN reported.

The carrier now plans to increase that service due to rising demand.

The headscarf rule is already in place when flying to destinations such as Saudi Arabia.