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Doll Museum in Tehran

Doll Museum in TehranDoll Museum in Tehran

The Dolls Museum in Tehran allows visitors, especially Iranian children and teenagers, the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the diverse cultures in their own country and across the world. This creates a strong foundation where friendship between the children of Iran and other nations can flourish, ISNA reports. There are 540 culturally diverse dolls from 53 different countries of the world showcased in the museum, including a range of shadow puppets, theatre puppets, and dolls representing different ethnicities. The museum targets the cultural interests of a wide range of audiences from different ages. Families, teachers, librarians, researchers, artists, and tourists can also visit the museum and attend its educational workshops. The Dolls Museum, which was opened on the International Day of Peace, is a private arts museum, and was established with the joint efforts of Masoud Naseri, Ali Golshani, and the support of Farideh Naseri. The museum is located at no. 4, Negarestan 5 (Haj Hadi) street, Pasdaran.