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Armenia Laments Lack of Iranian Travelers

Armenia Laments Lack of Iranian TravelersArmenia Laments Lack of Iranian Travelers

Iran and Armenia’s long-standing cultural ties have done little to sway Iranians to visit the neighboring country, and an Armenian travel agent believes he knows the reason.

“It is almost impossible to find Persian-speaking guides and there are no signboards in that language in hotels,” Ruben Grigoryan, director of the Rumea Tempting Trips Club, told reporters, according to Armen Press.

“On average, tourists stay for 4-5 days in Armenia and spend about €1,000,” he said, lamenting a “lack of favorable conditions” to draw Iranian and Chinese tourists.

Pointing to Armenia’s “unspoiled nature” as the country’s main attraction, Grigoryan said it is imperative to “create all the conditions” needed to boost tourism and draw Iranians.

Upon arrival in Armenia, Iranians are issued 120-day-long visas.