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Greek Tourism Hit by Cancellations

Greek Tourism Hit by CancellationsGreek Tourism Hit by Cancellations

The uncontrolled flow of refugees and migrants to Greece is putting such pressure on Greek tourism that it is posing a direct threat to the national economy. The cancellation of hotel reservations and flight bookings, as well as the reduction in scheduled routes by cruise companies for this tourism season, are the first tangible consequences for the island destinations that are bearing the brunt of the huge migrant flows, according to the Greek Reporter. Hoteliers have resorted to slashing prices and advertising special offers in a bid to bolster demand. However, they stress the danger that unless the situation changes a chain reaction will affect the revenues of local enterprises and then the national economy and employment.  According to Greek daily Kathemerini the decrease in the reservations in several markets can reach up to 90%. Chios island is also faced with a similar situation, as this year appears to be one of the worst in the last 40 years. Data so far shows a 60% decrease in reservations. In Kos, reservations have dropped 36%, whereas in Samos reservations have dropped 40%.